South India

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Situated in the middle of the Western Ghats, it is full of lush greenery and coffee plantation, making you wonder if it is heaven?


If heaven was created on earth it would have been in Coorg. It is undoubtedly the most of beautiful place I have ever visited on this earth!


Get lost in the misty forest or just take a bicycle ride across with Kodai Lake with your partner. Kodaikanal has a lot to offer if you are looking for a chill weekend getaway.


There is no single corner Ooty where you are not bathed in the fragrance of Nilgiris. One of the famous hill stations of Tamil Nadu, Ooty, is surrounded by Western Ghats' beautiful mountains, which makes your stay delightful.


Puducherry, a.k.a. Pondicherry, is a perfect weekend gateway to take serene evening walks on the promenade, have a sip of coffee in a cozy cafe while listening to the sound of waves, and enjoy genuine French cuisine with a hint of South India.


If you are in Bengaluru then Mysuru could easily be your weekend destination. From the Mysuru Palace to Krishnarajasagara Dam, there are plenty of places to explore.