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Satara has a rich heritage in the history of Maharashtra and the Maratha empire. However, it is the most underappreciated district in Maharashtra when it comes to natural beauty. From Kas Plateau to Mahabaleshwar and Strawberry farms to Koyna Sanctuary, it is a nature lover's delight!


Goa is more than just a party place. Pristine beaches, seafood, beautiful forests, Indo-Portuguese culture are adjectives you can attach to Goa. See the Goa that you probably have not seen before.


Raigad was once the capital city of the Maratha Empire. Although the glory days of the Maratha Empire are bygone, the glory of nature still amazes everyone.


Ahmednagar is one of my favorite districts in Maharashtra. There are so many breathtaking landscapes that you can spend months exploring all of them, yet you will find something new. From Kalsubai to Bhadardara and Kokankada to Sandhan Valley, the list is endless!


In the last few years, Nashik has become a synonym for Sula Vineyards. But there are plenty of places like Igatpuri, Trimbakeshwar that you can explore as well. Hardly a couple of hours away from Mumbai, Nashik is undoubtedly a good weekend gateway if you are tired of the fast-paced life of Mumbai.


Mumbai is a feeling, a city that never sleeps, a city of dreams; there are so many ways to describe Mumbai. Here is my attempt to describe it.


Known for the majestic Mehrangarh fort, it is highly known for leather market and local eateries.


Known as the 'Golden City' this beautiful city is known for Jaialmer fort, beautiful sand dunes, infinite wind mills and of course sunset


Every person who has walked in India should visit Jaipur once in their lifetime. Period!