Economics of Software

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Economics of Software (Part 4): Measuring the efficiency of product teams using the output curve

Do you face conundrums while determining when and whom to hire? Learn how to measure efficiency using output curves, determine the right time to expand your team.

Economics of Software (Part 3): When to invest in infrastructure?

Learn the importance of the cost curve and how to plot them. Furthermore, learn to make crucial decisions like when to invest in infrastructure.

Economics of Software (Part 2): Elasticity of Demand Explained for Software Products

Just like any other products, even software products are 'elastic' to the demand. Let's learn to categorise different products based on their 'elasticity'.

Economics of Software (Part 1): Why Traditional Economics Concepts Don’t Apply To Software

You may have heard about the Law of Supply. But do you know that it is not applicable to the software industry? In this article, we will try to learn why!