For about 2-3 years of my career, I was a full-time entrepreneur where I dabbled around in food-tech and saas. Although I never managed to make it big, it taught me a few important lessons.

Invisible growth

Importance of the perseverance while building a sustainable business even when there is no growth

How my perception about entrepreneurship changed after visiting the Himalayas

Recently, I was in the Himalayas for 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks, I had zero communication with the outside world. Climbing 14,000ft. in the dreadful nature left my mind in a complete desolation…

Hiring your best friend as a co-founder

A Co-Founder is the most important person in a startup. But things could go from bad to worse if the person is your best friend

‘Start small’ but what is 'small'?

Build 'minimal', start 'small' are the most commonly given advice you will find on the internet when you are starting up. But how do you define 'small'?